Practice Areas

Trusts and Estates


Planning for the future is important. Creating a trust, will, future health care plan, or guardianship for minor children is essential. The unexpected can happen at any time. Ms. Skillings has experience in all manner of trust and estate planning issues, from trust formation and drafting of wills and codicils, to provisions for future medical care. She carefully analyzes each individual situation to create uniquely crafted estate plans that meet her client’s needs for protecting assets, avoiding probate and unnecessary taxation, and providing for the care of minor children or incapacitated adults.

Business Law


Through her practice both on her own and as an associate at two different large, international law firms, Ms. Skillings has been involved in every aspect of business law, from formation of large and small companies, to selection of board members, drafting of corporate documents and minutes, to advice on employee issues, contract formation and breach of contract, litigation and threatened litigation, mergers, acquisitions, dissolution and winding up. She also has extensive experience in trademark and intellectual property law. Whether you need to know what business entity is right for you, or you need advice on trademark, website, contract or employee matters, she will bring her experience to your business, large or small.



For over seven years, Ms. Skilllings practiced litigation at the highest level. She has worked on cases for large, multinational corporations, family owned business, and individuals. She has litigated against State and Federal agencies, in both state and federal court. She has litigated consumer protection lawsuits, contract matters, real estate disputes, insurance cases, and trademark and patent lawsuits. If you have a pressing litigation matter, she will provide experienced, honest, realistic, and practical representation. She will also work with you to provide stellar representation at a level you can afford, and will work to resolve disputes with integrity and without wasting time or money.

Real Estate


Have a landlord or tenant dispute or an HOA agreement you don’t fully understand? Ms. Skillings can provide advice on real estate issue as well as drafting real estate contracts and leases to protect your interests.

Intellectual Property, Trademark and Patent

Business in the modern world is increasingly global, and nowhere is this more true than in an area that receives visitors from the 50 states and many nations. Protecting your businesses name, designs, web content, and ideas from infringement is an integral part of modern business practice. Ms. Skillings practiced patent and trademark law at one of the country's largest firms. She can research, draft and enforce your intellectual property rights, protecting your business and its goodwill (i.e., all your hard work).



Throughout my law career, I have represented clients many areas of law other than those listed, including in family law, criminal defense, immigration, and intellectual property law. I love the law, and I love to learn. I will always give your problems or issues my utmost attention, and will always give an honest explanation of my experience with your type of case. I don’t always have the answers immediately, but I will promise to find them to the best of my ability. And if your case is beyond my area of expertise, I will happily refer you to someone who can expertly handle your matter.